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How To Finally Get The Health You Truly Desire

You are an Entrepreneur or a full-time job that requires a lot of your Time and Energy. After reading this article, You will know if you should jump into the Entrepreneur fitness program

Living a Healthy Life could easily be a Top Goal for Every Human Being; however, due to a Busy LifeStyle, we may not give our Health as much Focus as we could.

Everyone knows Good Health has a strong connection with the amount of money you make, being DESIRED by the Opposite Sex, how you feel throughout the day, and avoiding the Risk of Obesity and other Chronic Diseases.

Tai Lopez is known for creating programs that help you achieve financial freedom program, and there are many reputable companies now that teaches you this, like this free training video or ASM. But this program has been exciting for me, which I will share fully in this article. 

Entrepreneur Fitness Women

How Would You Rate Your Health On A Scale of 1 to 10?

If you rate your Health on a Scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the worst possible and 10 being the best Health possible, what number would you give yourself?

Health not just in terms of Physical but also your Spiritual and Emotional Health.

You may realize that Your Health is in pretty good shape right now, or You feel like you have good Health but not as good as it could be.

You may feel like, for some reason, you are not as productive at Work as you could be, and we’ll talk more about sleep later in this article.

Right now, Unconsciously or Consciously, it could be Possible you have Developed Habits and your Daily Routine that is letting your Health down.

You FEEL SLEEPY At Work, or you find it hard to Have Time to Schedule a Full Work out plan into your Daily Life.

How Unsatisfied and Frustrating it is for you not to have an exemplary Health that you truly desire.

Imagine How Much MONEY, TIME, and ENERGY is this costing you in your Life.

BUT what If your Health is Integrated into your Busy Lifestyle so that you are PRODUCTIVE At Work at the Same Time You Get Good Health.

In what ways having Good Health could Benefit you in your Life? Maybe it will help you make more money because you can Make Better Decisions.

Maybe You Become More Desirable to Attract and Keep Your Ideal Girlfriend/Boyfriend.

Or perhaps you will feel amazing throughout the day Because you know you are in good Health and You Are Taking ACTION Each Day to Improve your Health.

Imagine if you had Ideal Health, How much Happier you could be, Money, and the Time you save.

Tai lopez Fitness program

Mr. Tai Lopez Credentials

Tai Lopez prides himself on being a mad scientist, and Tai has rigorously tested and experimented with every type of Diets, Supplements, Exercise Known to ManKind.

Being a learning machine, Tai learns about health from many of his health experts, such as Tai’s friend and a business partner Dr. German Garcia-Fresco, a certified brain health coach and has a Ph.D. in Neurobiology with 10+ years of research experience.

And Tai has one on one fitness mentors who comes to his Beverley Hills house to train him with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 4th-degree black belt, Rener Gracie, 2016 Mr. Olimpia Danny Hester and Pooh Richardson, who played against Michael Jordan in NBA.

What Excuses People Make And Why They Are Not Getting Optimal Health

In terms of health, we may feel that your health is doing just fine, you have not been sick for a while, or have a Massive Fat Belly.

Most people ONLY Find out later after NEGLECTING their health for many years its effects start to show up.

Slowly, you start to put on Unwanted Weights, Catch Avoidable Diseases, or Causes You to have Bad Health where You cannot Enjoy the Money you Make, Satisfy Your Partner in BED.

OR Find your Relationship with your Partner slipping Away From You.

You may have read the book Compound Effect by Darren Hardy, which talks about How You Can REAP HUGE REWARDS From A Series of Small, Smart Choices in your life and how series of Small, Bad Choices Impact your life.

Entrepreneur Fitness Stop Smoking

Taking Small Bad Choices in Your Health DAILY, You may not see Immediate Effects on Your Health but Slowly but Surely, when all those Small Bad Choices you make on your health COMPOUNDS after weeks.

And months people find themselves in a situation where it Becomes Absolute Emergency to deal with it URGENTLY, or maybe in some cases, you disregard Health.

So Far To The Point where you have Incurable Diseases, and there is not TURNING BACK From That...

...That worse feeling of having to rely on Prescription Medication for the rest of your life Because You Procrastinated to look after Your Health.

And once you are in a Downward Spiral in terms of Health, Imagine how it may affect your Love Life, Your Happiness and you can find examples of these Entrepreneurs disregarding their Health to Focus.

So Hard on their Careers Making Millions of Dollars only later to realize that they have got the Wealth but Because of their Bad Health they can’t even enjoy all the Money They Make.

As the saying goes, you are the average of 5 people you hang out with, not just in terms of Wealth but also Health.

Are the five people you spend Most time With In their best shape?

If they are, most likely, you are in good shape and, hopefully, want to get even healthier.

Or you may have a friend who always buys chocolate during the lunch breaks, and slowly you started craving Chocolates in the afternoon because no matter how disciplined You tried to be, it can sometimes be hard to say no to Sugar Cravings.

If you have cravings to eat Fast food, Anything that has sugar on it, or You find yourself you don’t have enough time during the day to get the full work out to stay healthy.

It is not worth worrying or stressing about it because It will only lead to Bad Side Effects on your Health.

Not everyone can afford a nutritionist to plan your meal or one on one trainer who keeps You Accountable to Stay Fit.

And You can’t be spending Time Counting Calories or Working out a few hours a day working about a strict diet.

And as Entrepreneurs, it can be easy to neglect our Health for profits.

We sometimes don’t feel like admitting that we have not Experimented enough with what works for our body and health routine That Will Get Us in Great Shape.

Because Most likely Rarely, no one in Our Family and Friends is doing experiments with different health routines that suit their bodies.

And we have never been shown a SPECIFIC Framework to carry out Small & Smart Health routine Experiments that will give us tremendous Health while Making All The Money You Want To Make.

The two Most common Excuse for People Not Getting Optimum Health is:

1) Not having Enough Time

2) Not Having Enough Money

From the office Janitor to the CEO of the Multi-Billion Dollar company, Everyone has the same 24 hours a day, and no matter how much Money people make, most people want to keep making more Money.

So Naturally, if it was only possible to have an extra hour day or more Money coming into your bank, You could afford to spend more time and Money on your Health.

However, it could be possible that you do not need to spend much Time or Money to have Optimal Health where you have

More Energy Throughout The Day, You Feel Amazing and Be Able To Make a Better Decision.

Maybe You could make just a Few TWEAKS or Add One Healthy Routine at a Time that will get you Tremendous Health and help you get into great shape that will not take hours of your time every day.

OR you were spending thousands of dollars on your body every month.

Entrepreneur Fitness Program

So how can you get your optimum Health without having to spend too much time and Money?

Inside Entrepreneur Fitness Program Tai and Health Experts gives you Simple Bite Size Tips, Strategy, and Experiments you can IMMEDIATELY start Implementing in your life to provide you with Optimal Health.

One of the Big Idea from the Program in Health and Wealth Integration. So you make Money while you are getting healthy.

You may have felt like this sometimes where you feel too tired to go to the gym to work out. You have to get changed, drive to the gym, work out and drive back home, and it feels like a lot of work.

How about HAVING an office GYM where you can do mini-workouts throughout the day while also working on your Business.

You could learn all the health hacks through reading books, YouTube, or through Trail and error, which is Possible.

This could also mean it will be More Time ConsumingMore Costly, and Most Importantly, the advice you are getting could have some severe Flaws because you are not sure whom you can fully TRUST.

The Beauty of the Entrepreneur Fitness Program is Everyone teaching in the Program Is an EXPERT and Renowned in their Field Of Work. 

Tai asks health expert friends and Mentors who teach in the Program to give all their Best Secret Sauce in the Program

which took them Years of Experimenting, Learning, and PROVEN Health Advice, which you can IMMEDIATELY Start Implementing In Your Life to get you in Great Shape and benefit your Health.

Entrepreneur Fitness Program

You might think you don't need any health program. You can use information that you can find on the Internet for what your family, friends, or school taught you about Health to be Healthy.

And you are Right. You could do that. However, You may doubt the source you are learning the information you are learning from.

Even if you take Books for example and there are some great books on Health. Entrepreneur Fitness Program will cut more than half the time compared to learning from books.

Unless you are a Fast reader, it takes time to read the whole book or get the book's important Golden Nugget

Most often, the Instructors teaching in this Program are the Book Authors who have helped hundreds of people and have many Credibilities.

In this Program, the Health Expert is world-renowned in their field, whether Sleep Expert, Nutritionist, or Fitness Trainer (most times, the book author themselves).

Can give you're a Golden Nugget in a 10 to 15-minute bite-size video Format so you actually could save more time and more FUN Learning.

What's Inside the Entrepreneur Fitness Program.

Entrepreneur fitness program FOCUSES on Teaching You about Health, Mind, and Body by Showing you The Keys to keeping an actual work-life balance.

Two of the most important lessons that I have learned from the Program is The Concept of OFFICE GYM, and The Impact Sleep Has On Your Health.

Often there are cultures where people are into work mode, hustle, and work hard; you sleep in your death bed and work now.

This Program opened my eyes that when you get enough Sleep, it will help you make a better decision, make more money, feel Less Fatigued and Less Cranky, and the benefits are Just Endless.

I delve further into this subject of Sleep and read the book Sleep by Arina Huffington, which helped me understand more about Sleep's importance.

And why the CEO of multi-million and billion dollar companies and world-class athletes are obsessed about getting enough Sleep each night.

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, goes to the office only at 10 am and Advice, All His Senior Managers, To Get Enough Sleep Each Night because their job is to make Good Decisions for the company.

And if you are Fatigued And Tired due to lack of Sleep, you cannot make a good decision.

Tennis Great Roger Federer says, "If I don't sleep eleven to twelve hours a day, it's not right. If I don't have that amount of Sleep, I hurt myself."

Unless you have Freakish Genetics like Arnold Schwarzenegger, who says He needs Just 4 to 6 hours a night of Sleep. Most people require at least 7 to 10 hours of a good night's Sleep each night.

Albert Einstein slept 10 hours each night, which did not stop him from all the Accomplishments he made.

What I like about Entrepreneur Fitness Program is after you learn a lesson, you can INSTANTLY Start Implementing that lesson in your life.

So when you Experiment more on your Health, you Start Noticing Improvements in your Health and realize what is working and what is not working for you.

Tai says 18 minutes nap helped him, and when I experimented with 18 minutes nap during the day, which I learned from this Program has made a massive difference in my life on how Amazing I feel.

And I feel so REFRESHED and have more ENERGY After taking a Nap that Now it has become almost a Daily Habit.

It almost feels like If I had 65% energy before taking a nap. After a rest, I have 110% more Energy.

Basketball All-Time Great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar famously said, "After practice, I would have to go back to the dorm and take a nap."

You will find many Successful people have seen tremendous benefits from taking a power nap, such as Albert Einstein, Thomas Edition, Leonardo da Vinci, Winston Churchill, Eleanor Roosevelt.

Before, I used to have an Alarm for every morning, and most days, I felt Groggy during the day and could not work out why I was feeling that way.

After experimenting with Waking up Naturally when Your Body Tells You To Wake Up and not having an alarm made a REVOLUTIONARY Difference IN my life, and I feel that.

I am MORE Alert, Efficient at my work, and I am generally happy because I am getting enough Sleep each Night.

Many videos on Sleep in this Program and Tai go deep into his Whole Nightly Ritual. He uses blue light blocking glasses to help his body Start Producing Melatonin to help him Sleep Better, Sleeping Pillows and Beds he likes to use, keeping the room Dark, etc.

Here Is What Some People Have Said About Tai Lopez:

Entrepreneur Fitness Program Testimonial 1
Entrepreneur Fitness Program Testimonial 3

Here’s are some of the topics covered Inside the Entrepreneur Fitness Program:

-Introduction to the Program

-Tai Lopez Nighly Ritual to help him get good Night Sleep.

- How To Pace Your Workout.

- How to Read People - Tai's PASE System

- Food And Nutrition During The Holidays With Dr German-Garcia-Fresco

- Leg Workout With Mr Olympia Champion Danny Hester

- Overcoming Jetlag With Dr Breus

- Stretching Your Shoulders & Chest With Jq Williams

- Explosive Movements With Chris Walker

- Understanding Nutrition Facts With Celebrity Nutritionist Kelly Leveque

- Eating For Muscle With Junior Olympian Cory George

- Intermittent Fasting With Chris Walker

- Finding Balance With Erin Terzi

- Meditative Inner Healing With Dragana

- Boxing, Focus, & Emotional Awareness With Sammy Olympic Boxer

- Neuromuscular Training For Your Abs & Butt

- Jiu-Jitsu, Overcoming Procrastination, & Reaching Goals

- Frequency, Personality, & Practicality

- Networking, Research, And Finding Gatekeepers With Tai Lopez

- Yoga And The PASE System With Kai Elle

- Improving Brain Function With Ben Greenfield

- How Is Eating Too Many Oranges Bad For You With Dr. German Garcia-Fresco

- A Biohacker's Secrets To Sleeping Better

The whole premise of the Program is you got to have an Office Gym. The key is to keep your Body Active Throughout the day.

Just Do Something – whether it be just doing 5 Push-ups or Lifting a 5-pound dumbbell. Something is better than nothing,

Best Parts About This Program

Here are the Best Parts of the Program Let's say if your health is at 3 out of 10 and you Start Aggressively working out, or the fitness teacher may push you to the limit.

Sooner or later, you are not used to working out with that pace - you will either burn out or give up halfway.

The Program teaches about Keeping your Workouts Light to Moderate but is Consistent with your work out routine.

Just start with Something Small Little Mini Action towards your health, and Slowly you build up.

It could be small as doing one rep of 5 push-ups a day, but you are consistent, and slowly you can increase the reps and number of push up.

If you work out too hard from the beginning and your body is not used to it, you may pull a muscle or cause permanent damage to your muscle tissue or your body – so this Program focuses on going slow let your body Get Used to the Weight and Training.

Bruce Lee famously said" "I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 "times."

Unlike conventional wisdom, most fitness instructors and trainers teach you intensive training with 2 minutes work out 1-minute rest.

That is all good, but this Program is not for people who want to compete for Mr. Olympia, become a pro athlete, or if you are trying to get 10 out of 10 physic.

This Program is for busy entrepreneurs and professionals who have a lot of work to do in their Work and Career. This Program teaches how you can do mini-workouts throughout the day, so Instead of doing a 1-hour INTENSE workout, You Are Spreading your Workouts Throughout The Day.

If you are trying to become a professional bodybuilder, you may need high intense workout plan and Just Focus on working out. Still, We are Not Trying to become a professional bodybuilder.

My favorite part of the course is when Tai Lopez gives a tour of his bedroom & bathroom and shares all his Knowledge on GETTING a Good Night Sleep and Nightly Ritual to Keep a Healthy Lifestyle.

I love that Tai shares his experience that you do not need to sacrifice Sleep to make more money.

After being in this Program, getting Enough Sleep will help you Make More Money, and not Getting enough Sleep is not just going to Hurt Us Financially but also in Our Relationship and Our Health.

Why not listen to an audiobook or hop on a business calwhile going for a walk or doing a mini-workout at the same time -

This Program gears towards Experimentation and INSTANTLY applying what you learn in the video lesson in your life to get More Healthy while making More Money.

I also like the fact that this Program is only $10, and I honestly feel like I have got $10,000 worth of value from this Program already because of all the lessons shared in the Enterpreneur fitness program I may have learned through trial and error in the future.

This Program has compiled all Important lesson about Health, Nutrition, Workout and Even Mindsets that I feel has Cut Decades from my Learning Curve.

One of the biggest things I Learned from this Program is that I Need to Focus On Keeping My Body Active Throughout the Day.

Before this Program, I always felt guilty If I could not do full, intense work out three times a week, but being in this program taught me the concept of Mini-Workouts throughout the day Rather Than One BIG Intensive Work Out.

So I do more healthier and happier doing mini-workouts throughout the day than one big intensive workout that most times felt Hard Work and even a Little Stressful sometimes.

I also learned from the course that I have seen a lot of improvement in my health is DOING THE TYPE OF WORK OUT YOU ENJOY.

I know it sounds Common Sense, but for some reason, I went out Running To keep Fit and Cardio for YEARS.

After I learned the concept Tai teaches in this Program, it is essentially the key to keeping your body healthy.

So I quickly realized I always loved playing basketball and why I play More Basketball – I can get a good cardio workout while having fun.

Whereas unlike some people who love running, I enjoyed playing basketball better, and it also gives me an excellent excuse to hang out with my friends. So I accomplish three things:

1) I am getting a great cardio workout and keeping myself fit.

2) I am having fun and

3) My happiness level goes up because I am hanging out with my friends

For you, it could be Tennis, Golf, Jumping on Trampoline like Tony Robins Morning Ritual, Football, Baseball, MMA, Boxing, etc

Whatever it is That You ENJOY Doing, you can Start Integrating it more in your life by replacing Something that you do not enjoy doing Right Now.

For example, if you don't like to go for long-running, it is boring or has to drive to your gym to work out and drive back home.

Instead, you could replace it with Swimming, Skateboard, Jumping rope, or Anything FUN that Allows Your Body to Move Around and do Something that you Enjoy.

What You May Not Like About Entrepreneur Fitness Program

1) There is no consistency with the updates on the Program.

Some days you Login into your account, there is a new lesson, and some days there are no new lessons.

It does not bother me, but if you like to know precisely when new videos will be posted, this may bother you a little.

Having said that, when I purchased the Program, there were more than twenty lessons already added to the Program, so you could watch one video a day or two videos a week and go at your Own Pace.

2) Some of the interviews with the experts are carried out by Tai Employees and not directly by Tai.

Hence, if you expect to see Tai on all the videos, you may be disappointed because Tai travels to New York, London, San Diego, Virginia, etc. Tai is not available to carry out all the interviews.

3) If your body is already a 9 or 10 out of 10 & You are a pro athlete, this program is not ideal for you as this Program is for busy professionals and entrepreneurs who want to get more healthy and get in better shape.

You may still learn a few new things from this Program like How To Find YouBody's’sYouBody's Natural Clock or Sleep Hacks, Nutrition or Mindset that could Boost Your Performance.

Review Summary

Product Type:

Online Video Lessons


$9 per month


While everyone else is promising you faster results, Tai believes this is the wrong approach.

Sure, there are ways to get healthy or lose weight fast. But the goal of this program is to reach your goal weight and keep yourself fit healthy so that you can keep it there in the long run.

That’s why the Entrepreneurs Fitness Program is Built on Small Lifestyle Changes Most people don’t even think about having an Office Gym, doing Small Mini Workouts Through Out The Day By Keeping Your Body Active, Sleeping Hacks, And Many More.

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