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#1 Go Straight To The Top 

Tai recommends whatever industry you choose, you go straight to the top. i.e., if you want to learn investing, you want to go straight to the top, learning from guys like Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger. (if you are 0.02% as successful as Warren Buffet, you are a millionaire.)

Even if you are 10% as good as people on the top, you are more likely to be successful than learning from someone who just a little bit successful in getting to the level you want to get to.

i.e., If you want to learn to play basketball, go straight to the top and study and watch videos of Michael Jordan. Or NBA players who are top of their game today like Lebron James rather than watching college players' videos.

Whoever is the top people in your industry, go straight to them, read their book, watched their youtube video, learn as much as you can from their experience.

It helps you go to where you want to get too much faster and cut your learning curve.

#2 Deserve it Factor

Great Kobe Bryant wakes up at 4 am works out for a couple of hours to work on his craft, watch tapes and study his opponents, then has three more workout sessions throughout the day.

Imagine how much this has helped him when he has continued to do this for 20 years. 

Who is more deserving of more success; Kobe Bryant or a basketball player works out once or twice a day. Tai mentions the importance of deserve it factor in his first lesson of the 67 steps - THE BILLIONAIRE'S BRAIN & JENNIFER LOPEZ'S VOICE.

Charlie Munger says, "to get what you want; you have to deserve what you want; the world is not yet a crazy enough place to reward a whole bunch of undeserving people." 

Kobe Bryant deserves all of the success and achievement he had in his career in sports and telling stores.

The whole world wept when Kobe Bryant passed away because he lived his life to the fullest and gave it his all. He deserves all the accolades and success. RIP Kobe

One of the best Kobe Bryant Interview hands down:

#3 Work Smart

This video explains it all. 

If you are like me, you may have heard growing up from our parents or society to work hard, and you will achieve your dreams. 

When we visit developing countries, we see people working five times hard labor work than us. In the streets of Calacatta, picking up plastic bottles to recycle to feed his/her family.

Or we go to Inner cities in Chicago, we will find plenty of hard working single moms working over 60 hours at two, three different jobs a week to pay their bills and their children.

How come they are not financially wealthy?

Like Rich dad, poor dad Robert Koisaki says in his books that one of the differences between poor people and rich people is their financial IQ (poor dad academically smart but low financially IQ, however, his rich dad was not academically smart but had financially high IQ) 

Hard work is important, but we cannot neglect to work smart in our endeavours to help us live the good life. 

Most poor people spend their time in entertainment while self-made wealthy people spend their time in education being a continuous learning machine. 

#4 Become a Learning machine 

Tai Lopez mentioned (around 2015 or so about Charlie Munger's graduate speech), one of those videos you must watch!

Charlie Munger drops so many knowledge bombs during this speech. 

It is crazy the full video at the time of this writing has less than a million youtube views while billions of views on songs have nothing to enhance your life. I digress...

Charlie has a great sense of humor, and it is awesome content, Do watch this video:

We have to become a continuous learning machine to get ahead in life. When we give enough time, go to bed a little bit wiser every day. We will generally get what we deserve. 

In the book Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People, Steven Covey talks about Sharpen the Saw, an insightful chapter. Steven Covey talks about the importance of dedicating time out of your day to renew ourselves in all four areas of our lives.

1) Mental
2) Physical
3) Spiritual
4) Social

As the saying goes, "If you don't love yourself, who will and if you only love yourself, who am I."

#5 Be Adaptable

It did not fit well with horse and buggy companies when three-wheeled Benz Patent Motor Car came along in the street, and people started driving a motor car. 

People working in the horse and buggy companies waited and thought this wouldn't last too long, we will get back to our good old days, but the good old days didn't come back.

Similarly Bricks & Motors business that didn't adapt to the internet and have a robust online presence during the Covid-19 suffered. 

Tai is took full advantage of buying a famous brand like a distressed business like Pier 1, Dressbarn, Linen n Things, Radio Shack, Modell's Sporting Goods, and Franklin Mint. Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr's plans are to focus on using to internet/e-commerce. 

Tai hammers this point home on this second lesson in the 67 steps Blue-Footed Booby Birds, ESS, & The 500-Year-Old Mind. You need to become an adaptable machine. 

You may have read Richard Dawkins's book, Selfish Gene. You may see the world a little differently. 

The main golden nugget I got from reading Selfish Gene is you are not the center of the universe; for other people, they are the center of the universe. Even though they may not say it, it is possible people may deeply care about you, but they are also looking out for their self-interest first. 

An example of this would be that you and your business partner started a business together, you realize that the business is profitable. Both of you are making perfect money. 

However, you realize you are generally working from 7 in the morning till 8 in the evening.

Within a few months, your friend has been on several vacations and partying while you are working hard. He's putting in minimal effort into the business.

Your friend may have skills you may not have, such as years of industry experience or a network of big investors, etc. 

Being adaptable will allow you to see things in terms of adapting to different situations.

Instead of thinking black and white (67 steps number 2) and saying this is not fair and cutting ties with your business partner or not saying anything at all. 

Why not simply chat to your business partner something like, "Hey, I didn't want to say anything first, but I have noticed that I have been working 12 - 14 hours a day in this business.

To support this business's continual growth, I have noticed that your lifestyle has changed considerably compared to how we got our business to grow.

We are 50 50 partners right now, and I want it to be fair for both of us; What can we do about this situation."

You open dialogue, and maybe your business partner was not aware of what was happening and that you felt a certain way. 

You can develop a solution that your business partner also puts equal effort into the business. 

Or you agree to unique solutions such you get 70% company equity and 30% split. Your business partner does not want to be hands-on with the business but will help negotiate big deals with his network and be on the advisory board. 

The same adaptable concept goes for your health, your intimate relationships, friends. 

#6 Experiment A Lot 

Tai says in his death bed he wants his tomb to say

"a mad scientist."

I usually use the Pomodoro technique to work 25 mins and rest 5 mins or so. Still, when I am in the zone, for instance, writing this article and lots are ideas coming to me, why take 5 mins to break if not necessary.

Imagine how your life would be different if you carry out a mini experiment each week or day throughout the year. How would your life look like, your family, your wealth. 

Let's say you sit all day; how about your experiment with a standing desk or treadmill desk. Imagine the health benefit it could bring to your life sitting less. Could you be productive?

Get up by Levine, James talks about the negative impacts of sitting in a chair for more than three hours per day. A great book!

Following the book's recommendation, It solidified the importance of a standing desk and treadmill desk instead of a chair.

This experiment was hugely successful for me, and I have been using a standing desk since 2012, and one of the best health decisions I made.

Do you know are you a reader or a listener? What is your biggest strength? What kind of people do you get along with? Who do you want to surround yourself with in your life? Are fruits good for your body?

Tai Lopez carries out multiple Experiments in a day. It inspired me to carry out various mini-experiment experiments throughout the weeks & months. My life has enhanced as a result.

#7 KSE Formula

KSE is a great formula, particularly when you want to start a new project and life in general. 

K knowledge

S strategy

E execution

KSE is effective when executed in order. i.e., suppose you keep executing without any knowledge or strategy.

In that case, you risk making mistakes because you don't know what you are doing. i.e., starting a Social Media Marketing Agency without knowing how-to knowledge and doing any prior research.

Having a strategy or planning is like taking a 300 feet view of what you are doing. We can't skip this step. Imagine, let's say you are building a boat to travel by the ocean from New York to London. 

You have all the right knowledge and perfect Execution. Still, it would be best if you had the correct planning in place. I.e., obstacles you could face along the way, prepare for the unforeseen circumstances you could put your team life in danger. 

Ideas are cheap; almost everyone you meet has them. You could even buy it on a website.

Plan or having a proper strategy in place is something you can't outsource. It is hard and requires deep thinking.

You may know people who like to learn and plan but are not good at Execution. They are great at Execution however don't thoroughly think things through and end up making avoidable mistakes. 

Like Warren Buffet says, you only learn from mistakes, but they don't have to be yours.

Interestingly if you are great at Execution, you could use that energy to learn and plan or get good at acquiring knowledge and planning a strategy.

#8 One-Sentence Plan 

Tai Lopez didn't invent this; however, Tai is big on having a one-sentence plan.

I.e., Tai Lopez One sentence for his life is just six words. "Spread Good Ideas Through Mass Media." 

Once you have a one-sentence plan, whether it is for your life or business or role as a brother/son/husband, everything revolves around your one-sentence plan.

One sentence plan does not need to be too complicated to understand, and there is no need to use complicated words.

You can use simple, straightforward words that even your grandma can understand. 

i.e., Tai Lopez company Mentor Box one sentence plan is "NetFlix of books." 

Very easy to understand, right? 

What is your life one sentence plan? Your company one sentence plan?

#9 Nature Laughs Last 

"The best-laid plans that we make for our lives, we must not be so egocentric that it dictates the various laws of life." 

you can watch the full talk at:


You could have a great plan, but sometimes life does not go as planned. Life can be unfair, and we have to accept it. 

We can all plan and prepare; however, there are things that we can't merely prepare for. Nature laughs last - Respect all sessions of your life. 

You and I will become older, and the soon we accept it and get grips with it, we can start to be on the right path and enjoying all four seasons of our life, summer-autumn winter-spring. 

You jump from a ten-story building or jump from a car driving at 70 miles per hour, you not if but you will cause serious harm to yourself. Its Gravity, Physics it is the rules of mother nature.  

Some things are in your control. However, there might be things that happen to you that is not your fault at all. You can remind yourself that maybe you were supposed to be part of the bigger world than yourself during these circumstances. In that world, you can find consolation and happiness.  

Respect mother nature. For example, the weather to climb on top of Mount Everest is terrible on the week you were supposed to visit. Why risk it climbing Mount Everest when you know there is a risk of death and accept not being able to climb Everest due to the bad weather.

#10 Do As Much As You Can As Young As You Can

You only have one life. People often make the mistake that they are going to live forever, which is almost guaranteed. 

We are not immortal. Why procrastinate on your goals. Don't be like people who sleepwalk in their life and one day wakes up at an old age, and you ask yourself where has the time gone!

Mark Bingham had brilliant rugby and business career ahead of him. However, he passed away in the 9/11 plane crash. 

Kobe Bryant, a basketball legend starting in the second phase of his life writing stories, tragically passed away in a helicopter accident. 


Time is now to get things done. 

Don't wait for New year or next calendar month.

Get Started Take Action even though it is small TODAY!

You don't want to be rich old 80-year-old driving a Ferrari, right 🙂 Why not drive Ferrari and any supercar you like when you in your 20's or 30's 

If you always wanted to go to Japan. Book a flight or start scheduling the time you could get there or even visit virtually through google maps and look at the places you want to visit. 

You miss your family. Why wait for Thanksgiving or Christmas? Call them or plan a visit right now. 

You appreciate your girlfriend/wife, but you can't express it. Start reading five love languages or do something nice for her today! 

Have a sense of urgency. Get into the habit of getting things done. Tai talks about being impatiently patient. 

Move toward your goals being impatient, get it going, and be patient stick to it once the wheels are rolling. 

Most people are patiently impatient. They are patient about not starting on their goals but wants to be an overnight success. 

Hard to Believe NFL Star Odell Beckham was once struggled with procrastination. Odell Beckham gives a great life advice skip to 9:10 of the video below. 

Great framework to have "Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits."

To end his article in an optimistic note from Warren Buffet speech: 

"I was up at Harvard a while back, and a very nice young guy, he picked me up at the airport, a Harvard Business School attendee.

And he said, "Look. I went to undergrad here, and then I worked for A and B and C, and now I've come here."

And he said, "I thought it would really round out my résumé perfectly if I went to work now for a big management consulting firm."

And I said, "Well, is that what you want to do?" And he said, "No," but he said, "That's the perfect résumé."

And I said, "Well, when are you going to start doing what you like?" And he said, "Well, I'll get to that someday."

And I said, "Well, you know, your plan sounds to me a lot like saving up sex for your old age. It just doesn't make a lot of sense."

There are tons and tons of self-development programs out there.

I have spent over $30k in my self-education over the last seven years. From my personal experience, 67 steps is by thousand miles the best self-development program for its price. 

With a price tag of just $67, the most powerful frameworks from the great thinkers and achievers globally, it is a steal!

Chances are you have already invested in yourself in this program; however, if you have not, do invest in yourself. It is worth every single penny! It is a great program you will gain a lot from it.

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