The 12 Foundations

This article aims to share my thoughts on Tai Lopez 12 Foundations Program and share the knowledge you could develop a skills to create a life where you find Love, Health, Wealth & Happiness.

Imagine how further ahead in life you'd be from leveraging other successful people's lessons instead of stressing out and making avoidable mistakes.

More specifically, IMAGINE if you could live a life where you are on FLOW. Your Career focuses on Your Strength, whether working with numbers, sky jumping, chatting with people.

OR taking care of people & having a Career where you get a sense of achievement from your work. People Love You for the value you provide to the world and support something that matters to you.

Think About Your Life For A Second

Think about where you are Financially? 

About your Love Life? 

Your Health?

Is it the best it can be?

It can get frustrating sometimes not knowing WHY you only seem to attract a particular type of person in your social circle who you know is not the right person for you.

Or not knowing where your life's direction is going and feeling confused if you are wasting your Time pursuing a career that leaves You UNSATISFIED

How much Time would you save and the feeling of frustration if you had a map where you have Clarity in terms of your Life and your Career.

How Happier could you be if you only had the right people in your social circle?

What would your Perfect Health look like, and How much more Money you could make to do the things that matter to you.

Most people biggest regret in life tends to be in these Two Areas:

1) Their CAREER &

2) Marriage or their Romantic Relationship with Somebody.

How much more Money do you think you could make if you knew how to Pick the Right Career that matches your Strength and something that you are naturally good at 

And not having to go through the PAIN Of Wasting Your Time by spending the Prime Time of your life doing something that does not Fulfil you where a minute feels like an hour…

Instead of being on a Flow where a day feels like an hour where the TimeTime Goes fast because you are on Flow, you enjoy what you do,

You are passionate about it, and most importantly, it gives you a sense of Significance and Achievement.

Imagine how happier your life could be if you had a precise KNOWLEDGE and Skillset to Pick the right person in your social circle with whom you not only share loyal deep, meaningful relationships.

But also somebody who will be there to CELEBRATE your wins. And be there on your side through your tough times.

Started From The Bottom Now I’m Here..

Tai Lopez has 3 million followers on Instagram and millions of followers and subscribers on his Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Tai has Interviewed Billionaire business people and CEOs like Mark Cuban, Steve Blamer, and world-class athletes and entertainers like Kobe Bryant and Rihanna.

Tai Lopez started from the bottom, raised by a single mother living in a mobile home to live a good life with up to 6 Super Cars and Mansions.

Tai Lopez prides himself as being someone who is a Mad Scientist and a Learning Machine.

Tai had to seek all this Knowledge and learn from Experiments, his mentors, and through books. Tai says his Brain budget is around $100,000 a month; he pays for mentors to learn from them and, of course, Books.

It Is Not Your Fault

The majority of people tend to go through life through motion and Accept Reality. They are not happy with their partner, who may be horrible to them or feel stuck in a career that is Unfulfilling that you don't get excited to go to work in the morning.

This is not your fault.

Most people come out of the school system without learning these core life skills like

• How to pick the right career that matches your strength

• How to choose the right people for your social circle

• Basic skills on being able to persuade people

• Mastering your daily routine so you can be more productive

• How to Master 4 Pillars of the Good Life: Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness

If you feel like You Are Underachieving, You feel Lonely, You are in a bad relationship, or you think your life is not heading in the direction you'd Imagined.

Do not lose HOPE

It is not worth losing sleepover.

But like Charlie Munger Says: "Step by step you get ahead, but not necessarily in fast spurts. But you build discipline by preparing for fast spurts."

Slug it out one inch at a time, day by day, at the end of the day – if you live long enough – most people get what they deserve."

The majority of people in the world are just going through life without having a solid understanding and the Foundation of what it takes to Live a Good Life.

Nothing in life is Guaranteed.

However, As Charlie Munger says, MOST PEOPLE GET WHAT THEY DESERVE.

Imagine how unfair this WORLD would be if Arnold Schwarzenegger puts all the hard work 4 hours in the Gym every day and the person who sits.

And watches TV all day eating Cheetos Get Mr. Universe Chiseled Body, and Arnold, on the other hand, gets Fat, Chubby and develops heart disease.

Life is much fairer than what we usually hear from the Media, and with the Right Information and Execution, we all can get the Good Life that we want and Desire.


To Get a Good life, you need to focus on Four Crucial Pillars in your life: Health, Wealth, Love, and Happiness.

Of course, you can learn these skills over Time, but What Good is it that you learn these skills and get a good life when you are OLD? 

As the saying goes, you'd rather be young and drive a Ferrari rather than be the older man in your 70's driving a Ferrari.

Trying to learn this yourself can be more Time Consuming, and you may regret not learning these Core Life Skills SOONER Rather than Later.

Tai Lopez teaches us these core skills through all his millions of testing and research learning from his mentors, books, and highly successful people in his network.

Why not Leverage that Knowledge and a straightforward piece of advice could make a BIG Difference from picking the right career where you are on flow most of Time of your life to choosing a wrong career

And feeling frustrated not knowing why you are not getting ahead with your life – only to realize in your older age that you made a big mistake.

Or it could be the difference between picking the right partner who supports you through thick and thin where you both grow together to a life where you wake up unhappy that you picked

the wrong person to have your children with high anxiety manipulates you and sometimes even gets physically abusive.


It may be time-consuming going through 6 hours of video, and life can get hectic at times – we have all been there.

All it may take is one good piece of advice that you will learn from lessons that Tai complied from the brightest minds.

The most successful entrepreneur in history is that you can cut your learning curve by years, like getting in shape.

Hence, you attract the best romantic partner or pick one daily habit like reading 30 minutes a day in your daily routine that can make you more money, get the freedom to travel to world and become renowned in your field.

Here is what some people have said about Tai Lopez programs:


This course has a two-module The 12 Foundations and The Bonuses Section.

This course is entirely self-paced, so you can go at your speed and carve out your own time to complete it.

In Lessons 1 – Social Circle, you’ll learn how to read your friends, family, and people you meet that you should avoid in your social circle.

You cannot afford to have people in your social circle who is going to drag you down.

But you also don’t want to be too picky. Otherwise, you may not have anyone in your social circle. How to develop a good Social Circle is a crucial lesson of the 12 Foundation

Because if you look back at things that keep you awake at night, make you feel depressed, and make you anxious are all social.

So it is essential to learn and implement this in your life to avoid some people in your Social Circle who could make your life miserable.

Four main groups of people you want to avoid are people high on these things 1) Narcissism, 2) Machiavellianism, 3) Psychopath 4) Anxious.

To live a good life, you want to limit the amount of time you spend with people high on any one of these four things.

Tai goes through each of them how you can start reading them by getting clues on how they treat other people, their tone of voice, the way they speak, and their vocabulary choice of words.


Tai describes Narcissism as basically insecure confidence; they have fake confidence.

Do you have people in your life that are generally easily offended? Like you are a little late for a date, didn't compliment them, or you said something a little bit rough.

The chances are they will score high on Narcissism.

A quick way to spot a Narcissism person is Impatience.

For example, if your friends take days to reply to your text and if you don't respond to their text within an hour, they get offended why it's taking you too long to answer because they feel the world revolves around them.

Tai also briefly goes through different Narcissistic Personalities like Authority/Leadership, Superiority/Arrogance, Self-admiration/Self-absorption, Exhibitionism/entitlement, Exploitative, Self-sufficiency, and Vanity.

Tai says You may be surprised to learn that many top actors, actresses, and most Instagram models tend to have high Narcissism.

You want to find people who score ideally below the '30s and '40s in three Narcissism, Machiavellianism, and Psychopath.

You can take the FREE Quiz from the following sources:

–    Dark Triad

–    Hexaco Text

–    Tai Lopez Quiz

Machiavellianism defines Machiavellianism as "Machiavellianism in psychology refers to a personality trait which sees a person so focused on their interests they will manipulate, deceive, and exploit others to achieve their goals."

Tai describes Machiavellianism as overly secretive, cynical, skeptical, basically, two-faced people who will smile at your face but will speak behind your back when you are not around.

In the famous Macbeth story by Shakespeare, you could spot that lady Macbeth has high Machiavellianism.

From the outside, Lady Macbeth appears to be an ideal supportive wife to her husband Macbeth, but from the inside, Lady Macbeth is very cunning and sneaky.

She manipulates and persuades her husband to murder King Duncan by using every trick she can think of to make sure her husband carries out their plan to murder King Duncan so they can be King and the Queen.

Machiavellianism can be a little harder to spot than Narcissism because Narcissism people are more in your face; like if they feel offended, they will let you know Right Way!

Whereas Machiavellianism people are more Sneaky and they will Hold Resentment, Hatred and will be waiting and thinking about ways they can betray you.

How do people develop Machiavellianism trait and spot a person with high Machiavellianism:

If a person has is bullied in their childhood or teenage years, someone has power over them and could not fight back. i.e., kids are making fun of them in school or getting tortured by their guardians, etc.

As you are venerable in these situations, you cannot fight back directly because the bully is bigger or more powerful than them.

They learn how to smile to their face, do what they have been asked to do, and be sneaky, as inwardly they hate that person.

Machiavellianism people also tend to be a little weird and In the wrong way.

You cannot put your finger to it, but something about them feels off, just like highly anxious people. Tai encourages you to train and trust your intuition.

An excellent example of this in popular culture would be Hillary Clinton with her email scandal. Tai has said on his social media snap chat during the 2016 general election time that Hillary Clinton has Machiavellianism traits, and Donald Trump has Narcissism traits.

The Psychopath

Most Psychopath seems to be men. If you search for Serial Killers, Almost all of them are men.

Tai Lopez describes Psychopath as an inability to feel feelings or emotions.

80% of Navy seals are psychopaths, police officers, prisoners, so it is not to say that all people who have psychopath traits are bad, but you do want to be careful around them.

They could steal money from you, sleep with their friend's wife, and not feel bad about it. You don't want to have many Psychopath friends unless you need a bodyguard.

You may not want to have your best friends or business partner to be high on this score.

A psychopath can be aggressive if you Confront them Physically, and Just like people with high Narcissism and Machiavellianism, you want to remove them out of your life slowly.

Tai Lopez shares with you practical tips throughout the video on reading people like being very careful confronting Psychopath because they are very CALM and have No Problem Hurting You or shooting you in your face.

So if you have a Psychopath person in your social circle and when they cheat on you or takes your money from you. Be Extra Careful.

You can not use EMOTIONS on them like asking why they do this or trying to make them feel bad because it will only not work on them as they have the INABILITY To Feel Emotions, and You have to Leave.

High Anxiety

Highly Anxious people, you’d want to avoid these people from your Social Circle, and Tai explains why and gives you practical tips on how you can start reading these people.

I.e., if someone in your social circle often uses words like I am Confused, I am Worried, I am Afraid, they most likely have high anxiety.

Anxiety tends to be higher on women, but some man has very high anxiety too.

Other Things To Look Out For

You could look out for other secondary things: Sincerity, Fairness, Greed, Avoidance, and Modesty.

You can find the score by taking the HEXICO quiz.

After watching this Lesson on Social Circle, you may start noticing these traits in people in social media comments on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc., and start noticing these traits in your social circle.

This lesson itself is so Powerful that It could Make a Massive Difference between you living a Good Life OR going through life. Without this lesson, you could end up living a Miserable Life by letting the wrong person too close in your social circle because you may not have the right Tools and Knowledge to read these People. 

Imagine if we learned about reading people since school. What an impact that would have made in our life.

As the proverb goes: "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now."

Learn to read people and implement what Tai teaches you in this lesson, which will change your life.

When I first learned this lesson, it made an IMMEDIATE Difference in my life because I was not in a serious relationship with but was seeing a lady more often who had a high score on Machiavellianism over the '60s.

After watching this lesson, it made sense why she acted and behaved differently compared to other people I have dated in the past. Sure enough, I later learned about her troubled childhood, which caused her to have high Machiavellianism traits, often resulting from bullying. 

When Tai talked about reading Anxious people in the lesson, I quickly realized that some of my family members have high Anxiety.

And I now spent less time with them, which does not mean I don't love them, but this means that I spend less time with them, and the Keyword is AWARENESS.

I am now more aware of surrounding myself with the right people and have got decent at reading people after practicing and implementing this lesson, which has made my life better.

I am very grateful to Tai Lopez for sharing this lesson with us.

Tai does not go too deep into the Romantic relationship in the video but may in the future video, he will – it will be wise for us to remember not to rush into a serious relationship with somebody too Quickly without knowing the person very well.

You may want to Implement this lesson from The 12 Foundation Program ASAP before it's too late because this alone could make a difference between you living a good life.

OR if you pick the wrong person in your social circle, this person will make your life a living hell.

Not to scare you off, but you could easily find an example everywhere that their partner cheating behind their back and people who do nasty things to hurt their Spouse, Business Partners, Friends, and Family, etc.

What You Will Get From 12 Foundation Program

Here's a breakdown of the 12 Foundation Program:

  • The 12 Foundations: Intro
  • Social Circle
  • Mastering Your Daily Routine
  • Self-Selection Bias
  • Persuasion
  • The Balanced Life
  • How To Pick Your Career


I have mainly just covered Social Circle in this article. It is a compelling 1 hour 25 minutes.

After watching this video, even if you don't implement it, At least you will have an awareness and have the power to solve the problem, as surrounding yourself with the wrong people in your life is a sure way to make yourself miserable.

I am obsessed with self-development, and I have not seen any articles, videos in the mainstream talk about things Tai covers in these videos from this program.

Tai shares more Vulnerable Life Story that he rarely shares on his social media and other programs.

Like how his breakup with his ex left him heartbroken when he was 22 and made him cry.

What I liked about this program is each video lesson is unique and powerful at the same time. 

The Lessons are filled with practical tips that we can start implementing right away in our life and start seeing a massive difference in our life like

how you can master your Daily Routine by Chunking your day into Maintenance, Progress, Fun, and LIKE the example from the Social Circle article above.

In this program, you could almost feel Tai's pain ONLY if he could go back in time.

And learn all the lessons that he shares in this 12 Foundation Program to the point that he feels envious, especially for people in their early 20's and younger that would Have cut his Learning Curve Massively

I feel that this program with The 67 Steps is one of the best Tai Lopez programs.

This program gives you more practical advice to see immediate results in your life by implementing the practical tips Tai shares in this program even though the price to get inside the program is much less than his other plans.

Unlike other Tai's programs, which are specifically towards learning how to do real estate or do digital marketing, which will help you gain specific skills, this course will impact all aspects of your life Health, Wealth, Love, and Happiness.

I did feel, though, as I was going through each lesson, I am learning something different that I have never heard of someone speak about before

So I felt like I was learning something NEW in each lesson and, in some cases, Solidifying More Firmly of something I knew already, but now I can implement that advice more Confidently. 

I know reputable programs in the industry like ASM and free training videlike this to help your achieve financial freedom and Tai Lopez has half a dozens of his course.

Still, this course is unique, which is not just about your wealth, but this program helps you with the core foundational things in your life, focusing on your Love Life, i.e., whom to date/selecting people in your social circle. 

What I Didn't Like About The 12 Foundations

I'm all about being upfront with you guys, so of course, I want to share what I didn't like about the course.

As the course name suggests, 12 Foundation. However, as of February 2021, there are only 6 Foundations video on the program.

Tai's Support desk says more videos will be added in the future, back around mid-2019.

The program does not have 12 videos to make up the 12 foundations, which for some people understandably could find misleading. 

At least you are aware not what to expect when you sign up for this program.

12 Foundation Facebook Group is not as active or vibrant as other Tai Lopez Program Facebook groups like SMMA 2.0, but people share book recommendations and support each other in the group.

I do not think this course will necessarily be a good fit for you to get step by step to Make More Money or Financial Freedom.

However, you may learn things in the program which will help you decide. For example, what you should do in your life by answering 7 Questions that Tai mentions in the lesson How to Pick Your Career, i.e., become Entertainer, Entrepreneur, Humanitarian, CFO, etc.

For example, in the video How To Pick Your Career, one out of the seven questions Tai wants you to answer is, "When you are out on a Saturday with your friends, what do you like to talk about generally."

– This gives you a big clue about what you should be spending more time doing because you can start focusing on doing things you are passionate about and something you are Naturally Good at, which will

give you an Unfair Advantage amongst your competitors, which in return make you more money, achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM and feel the sense of Growth and Significance.

This course may not be a good fit for you if you have a good grasp of the foundational topics of the program, like how to read people, so you don't allow bad people into your social circle, mastering your daily

routine to be more productive throughout the day and have time for some fun also, the foundation principle of being more persuasive, how to select a career where you are in flow, etc.

BUT, I feel there are many compelling reasons why you should give this course a chance because ROI from each of the six videos lesson is invaluable.

If you're still unsure about whether or not this course will help you, here are some things to consider:

  • The 30-day refund policy.
  • One good piece could make a massive impact on your life.

Like for me, specifically, lessons on avoiding wrong people in your social circle and self-selection bias was a massive eye-opener for me

– where I am now more careful to the kind of people I allow in my social circle and not being trapped into self-selection bias because I saw so many married women

And people in a relationship cheat on their partner when I was out clubbing. My belief was most people cheat in their relationship.

But because I was in that nightclub environment most time, it caused me to think that way, which later I realized I was the victim of the Self-selection bias.

I could talk about this program all day. I hope you don't feel I wasted your time reading this article, which took me quite a while to put together, but I enjoyed putting it together for you and hoping you got some value from reading it. 

This program is definitely worth the $197 investment. Buy This Program Now; you will be happy you made this investment in yourself!

Review Summary

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12 Foundation Program will provide you with The Knowledge that You could Develop a Skill to create a Life where You Find Health, Wealth, Love, and Happiness.

This program will give you the tools and knowledge to lead you towards a Happy, Fulfilling, and Good Life.

More Importantly, After watching the video lessons, you will have Awareness about Living a Good Life that most people go through Life without paying too much attention.

i.e., Picking a Right Career where you are in FLOW most of the time, where you pick a Career in which you have a Natural Strength, and Implementing a Strategy to Only Allow the Right People in your close Social Circle.

So you can Avoid heartbreaks, the pain of losing your hard-earned money, and all the bad things people can do to you in the future, or You may have Experienced in the past by allowing the wrong person close in your Social Circle.

The Quality and The Content of the 12 Foundation Program is 5 Stars. However, this program only has 6 Lessons and even after many months since its launch.

There have been no updates on the other remaining 6 Foundations; that is why this program gets 4 Stars and my main Criticism of this program.

However, each Single Lesson in the program is so powerful and practical that Just one Lesson could make such a Dramatic Positive Impact on your Life, so hopefully, this will not deter you from giving this program a Try.

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