The 67 Steps Review

67 Steps Core Promise is if You start implementing the lessons taught from the 67 steps from many wise people over the 8,000 years of civilization, You Can Start Moving Towards Living A Good Life.

How To Get A Good Life

So What are the ingredients we need to live a good life?

Tai says there are 4 Ingredients to living a good life – Health, Wealth, Love, And Happiness.

Tai wants us to focus on the three ingredients Health Wealth and Love.

If you are 8 or 9 out of 10 in your health, wealth, and love, naturally, Happiness automatically comes to you.

Happiness is like petting a cat; if you chase to pet a cat, it will run, but instead, you need to let it come to you.

Many people In the world have health and a lot of wealth, but there are unhappy because their love life is not as good as it could be people become unhappy.

Love not just in terms of romantic love but also your social circle - people you hang out with daily, relationships with your friends and family, etc.

If You Ask Yourself At The Core What Is It, You Want Out Of Your Life Isn’t It At The Core You Want To Be Happy.

the 67 steps program happiness

Whether it be happiness through being able to donate to your favorite charity, Something That Matters Most To You, create a business that solves people’s most significant problems, so you Get A Sense Of Achievement.

And Being Desired By Other People or being financially free will Live A Healthy, Fun Lifestyle and have time to develop a deep, fulfilling companionship with people.

It is true that life throws many things at you and expects you to make hard decisions such as what career to choose, Who To Marry, Where To Live, Which Diet Is Ideal For Your Ever-Changing Body Etc.

It can leave us unsatisfied and frustrating not having answers to these questions, and wouldn’t it be easier if you could find one source who could give you all these answers.

Not having a clear purpose and goals could negatively affect your future, not knowing if you are taking the right steps towards living the good life or taking a path where you achieve what you think is wanted.

And you put all your time, energy, and hard work into achieving that thing, Only To Realise That Things Are Not What You Wanted, Which Leaves You Unfulfilled And Empty.

If you look around, most people in the world go through life without what their end goal looks like, or like Steven Covey talks about in his book seven habits of highly effective people Chapter 2, the funereal test.

– What You Want People To Say About You In Your Funeral.

As once upon a time, Greek physician Hippocrates said the “art is long, life is short.”

Hippocrates was trying to tell us that “it takes a long time to acquire and perfect one’s expertise and one has but a short time in which to do it.”

Artists die, and people may forget them, but The Art Lasts Forever; the legacy you leave on this earth lasts forever.

What if you could download all the lessons and wisdom from all the great thinkers and people who have reached the pinnacle of their career into your brain.

And You Start Implementing In Your Life. How Would That Impact Your Life?

As Socrates said, “The only true wisdom knows you know nothing.”

You may know in self-development the three most dangerous words you could say to your self is “I Know That”

Because It Shuts Off Your Brain Completely To Learn.

Imagine What Difference It Will Make To Your Life To Download The Frameworks And Wisdom From All The Wise Man And Women who some are still alive and many not with us anymore but always remember them.

How Much More Time You Could Save, The Money You Could Make And Happier You Will Become.

Tai Lopez Back Story

Tai Lopez The 67 Steps Program

Tai Lopez went from $47 in his bank account and sleeping on his mother's couch in a mobile home in North Carolina to buying a Lamborghini Aventador and living in a mansion in Beverly Hills.

Despite not having a father figure in his life and being raised in a rough neighborhood in California, that didn't stop him To Strive To Be The Best Version Of Himself that he can be.

Tai traveled to over 30 countries, built a million-dollar business, and interviewed some of the brightest minds alive, including Kobe Bryant, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rihanna, Jordan Belfort, and Steven Spielberg, Mark Cuban, Chris Paul, Caron Butler & more.

Like Richard Branson and Steve Job; Even though Tai Lopez does not have a university degree or Ph.D.

He has learned about making money, the keys to living a good life, About health and love from his Mentors, and owns multiple 7 and 8 figure businesses with people with Ph.D. and university degrees working in his company.

Tai also owns the most prominent online non-fiction book club globally, and his TEDx talk has over 5 million views.

For the past several years, Tai Lopez has taught thousands of people how to succeed in life. He has helped people make more money, get in better shape in his 67 Steps mentorship program.

Invisible Obstacle

We may often have Invisible obstacles that We May Not Be Aware That Is Holding Us Back in our life.

You are going on with your life, but you feel unfulfilled, unsatisfied, you think there is a lack of growth, or lost love & Connection in your life.

Tai Lopez's mentor, Joe Salatin, used to say, "Tai, The Worst Thing In Life, Is To Get Older And Realize You Got Good At The Wrong Thing."

Tai Lopez and Joel Salatin In Farm

You may realize that you are spending 40 to 60 hours a week working on a job that you are Not On Flow, and it does not match up with your core strength.

When you focus on your weakness and make it your strength, you spend years of your life making your weakness your weakness instead of focusing on your strength.

In life, there are: 

1) Known Knowns – for Example, you know that you know how to tie your shoelace.

2) Known Unknowns – for Example, you know that you don't know how to carry out a heart surgery or build a space shuttle.

3) and there are Unknowns Unknowns– there are things that you don't know. Like Elon musk thinks, we're all probably trapped in a matrix living in a simulation.

To live a good life, there are four key Ingredients– Tai Lopez calls it The four pillars of The Good Life Health, Wealth, Love, And Happiness.

So whether you feel lost in terms of life in general or your career options, you think your health and relationships are not as good as you'd hope or don't tap dance to work most days you wake up in the morning.

It is these four pillars you could focus on To Get You To Move Towards The Ideal Life You Want To Design For Yourself.

Unless you have got training or someone taught you how to move towards the good life, Most Of Us Have Not Been Taught The Proven Frameworks That Will Help Us Move Towards Living A Good Life.

On a scale of 1 to 10. Ten being the best possible and one being the worst possible, how would you rate yourself in Health, Wealth, Love, and Happiness?

You will rarely meet someone who is ten out of ten in all four pillars. And also, life is not always linear; everyone has ups and downs in their life.

Life can throw tremendous blows at you - the unforeseen circumstances like your loved ones getting into a car accident which was not their fault, Mother Nature Disasters Like Floods, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, etc.

But despite life throwing all this at you, how can you be prepared mentally? What Frameworks And Tools Do You Need To Overcome This And Prepare For The Rainy Day.

Like Warren Buffet says, "Only when the tide goes out to do you discover who's been swimming naked."

You could get through life yourself without learning the powerful frameworks and wisdom from all the great thinkers and legends.

But you see, this "do it yourself" option Can Cost You Time, Stress, And Has Some Serious Flaws because you are guessing things and not sure if you are operating with the right frameworks instead of having concrete frameworks and a mindset that are proven to work.

And knowing people have overcome a similar challenge you are facing Gives You Confidence that if someone else has overcome a similar or even harsher challenge before - you can overcome this.

Richard Dawkins talks about this in his book selfish gene "Survival machines that can simulate the future are one jump ahead of survival machines who can only learn based on overt trial and error.

The trouble with an overt trial is that it takes time and energy. The problem with overt error is that it is often fatal. Simulation is both safer and faster.

The evolution of the capacity to simulate seems to have cumulated in subjective consciousness."

Yes, learning these frameworks and wisdom from the great thinkers and world-class people in their field takes time to learn, but people who have gone through the 67 steps.

These Frameworks Could Cut Your Learning Curve By Half and Save You Decades Of Your Life From Feeling Frustrated, Stressed And Not Having The Tools Necessary To Go Through Life where you could proudly admit to yourself in your death bed with no hesitation, yes I lived a good life.

The 67 Steps

The 67 steps are Not A Get Rich Quick Scheme or a Magic Pill, where immediately after watching a few lessons, all of your life problems and challenges go away.

It is merely a Framework That Will Move You Towards Living The Good Life By Giving You Tools To Help You Achieve Optimum Health, Wealth, Love, And Happiness.

Unlike reading a motivational book, course, or seminar, which will motivate you for a few days without telling you exactly what you need to do to achieve your desired goal.

The 67 Steps is Different because each video lesson from the 67 video lesson series gives you Specific Practical Tools You Can Start Implementing Right Away, and Tai wants us to keep a separate personal Journal for this program.

After each lesson, you can answer questions to keep you honest with the realization and What You Will Do Next To Execute What You Have Learned from the lesson.


In your journal, you answer this question "what area are you not tough in, and what is one thing you can do to toughen up?"

So not only are you learning the practical tools and frameworks from the video by writing in your journal, you get to discover and be honest with yourself where you stand in your life in health, wealth, love happiness.

And what steps you can start taking IMMEDIATELY towards improving that important are in your life, which will lead you towards living a good life.

Each of the 67 steps lessons leads you towards living a good life by working on the four pillars of the good life, health wealth, love, and happiness. 

How This program has helped people:

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Overview of the 67 steps

The 67 steps have 67 video lessons, some text, links to resources, and downloadable mp3 audio files, which you could listen to while you commute or while working out.

This course is entirely Self-Paced, so you can go at your speed and carve out your own time to complete it. The length of the video varies from 16 minutes to 80 minutes.

Each day a new lesson from the 67 steps will be released because the program's idea is to rewire your brain towards success, and the program is designed for you to watch one video lesson a day for 67 days straight.

67 steps program has easily over 150 Very Practical Frameworks. Once you grasp the concept, You Can Instantly Start Implementing it In Your Life to be even more successful in your health, wealth, love, and happiness.

Once you are in the program, you can re-watch and watch the video lesson anytime you want. So you have lifetime access to it. I go through the 67 steps once every year to revisit and remember the frameworks.

Here is the breakdown of the whole program:

1. The Billionaire's Brain & Jennifer Lopez's Voice: The worth-a-damn-deserve-it awareness factor.

2. Blue-Footed Booby Birds, ESS, & Being Broke: The changeability to survive.

3. Sam Walton's Night In A Brazilian Jail And Stealing From McDonald's: The humility it takes to overcome.

4. Picasso's Rising Tide & The Law of 33%: Using mentors to shave years off the learning curve.

5. My Poor Friends & Cameron Diaz's Parrot: The difference between how rich and poor people assimilate knowledge.

6. Sculpture vs. The Lottery & The Anthropic Media Bias: Eliminating biases on successes' exponential time frame.

7. Martin Seligman's Salary Slave & Learned Helplessness: Realizing in the modern world you are out of the cage & out in the jungle.

8. The Integrated Good Life & The Four Pillars Of Eudaimonia: Moving past a linear reductionist understanding of your life's work.

9. Warren Buffett's Book-A-Day Diet & Making War With A Multitude Of Counselors: Why billionaires read a lot.

10. Stoic vs. Epicurean: Arnold's 1000 Reps, Apache Cold Showers & the Spartan Whipping Post: Why you have to develop thick skin.

11. The Whispers Of 10,000 Generations, Dunbar's 150, & Evolutionary Mismatch: Your neural programming doesn't have the genetic 'memory' to understand the complexity of the modern world.

12. Mike's Stack Of Resumes, My 96 Year-old Grandma, & Your Eulerian Destiny: How to create your one sentence destiny plan.

13. The Amish Vacation, Tap Dancing To Work, & Avoiding What You Love: How to set up your life so that your work is your vacation.

14. The Shaolin Monk & Touching An Electric Fence: Why everything is your fault.

15. Descartes, The Investor, & Solving Problems With A Calculator: When you seek for truth, the only thing that remains.

16. Rousseau, The Renaissance Man, & Iron Sharpening Iron: Why you must embrace controversy.

17. Elon Musk's 14-Hour Workday vs. The 4-Hour Workweek: The myths of our time.

18. Man-On-The-Moon Contrast & Keeping Easy Things Easy: The mental framework to simplify anything.

19. & The $32,000 Brain Budget: The education budget you must institute.

20. Richard Branson's Hurricane & The Imaginary World Of Kanye West: How to remake the world in your own image.

21. Mastering The Four P.A.S.E. Energies & Casanovas Chameleon: A new perspective on social skills.

22. The Seven-fold Path To The Obvious Signs: The methodology that took us out of the dark ages.

23. Landing Your Plane On The Great Wall: How to bypass the obstacles of life.

24. Gandhi's Funeral, Stephen Covey's Wars, & Flurries Of Activity: The true test of a life well-lived.

25. Joel Salatin On Nature Laughing Last, The Respect Of Seasons, and The Terrible Twos: The natural cycles that dictate your life.

26. Belts, Suspenders, Failing To Fail, The Six Sigma Heartbeat, & How To Not Crash Your F-22: Creating perfect systems.

27. The Frontman & The Two Ways To Pick Your Trench Mate: Insider tricks on assembling your support team.

28. Lao-Tzu's and John Wooden's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very, Bad Day: The preparation that precedes good luck.

29. Stephen Hawking, Entropy, & Remembering The Future: The injection of energy to overcome time.

30. Peter Drucker, The Cluttered Attic And The Invention Of Rules: Removing disabling ignorance.

31. Delegating To Shalini & Sam Walton's Over-The-Shoulder Style: How to manage people.

32. Slot Machine Probability & Chasing The Mirage: How to step out of the cave into a more accurate reality.

33. Teaching Pigs To Fly & Pushing On Strings: When to persevere and when to quit.

34. Bill Gates & The Ten Dark Years: Overcoming the media cognitive bias.

35. Ignoring The Ninety-Nine, & The One-Tenth Rule: The counter intuitive approach you must adopt.

36. The Sucker In The Room & The Lollapalooza Effect: Using cognitive biases but not having them used against you.

37. Why Restaurants Fail: Controlling all 3 of the classic factors of production.

38. Throwing Idiots To The Crocodiles: Construct a barrier only against this type of person.

39. Alienating The 82% With Your Messy Message: The proper use of the niche.

40. Practical Pessimism, Paris Hilton's Grandfather, & Contemplating The Downside: The fine balance of proper perspective.

41. Sam Chupp & Making, Watching, Wondering: Moving beyond the 3 types into just the 2 types.

42. Donuts, A $250,000 Check, And General Eisenhower: The tendency to misweight.

43. 20% Weird Factor, The Cabbage Mind, & The Treachery Of Scoundrels: The leeway you should allow.

44. Six Pack Of The Mind: Focusing on first things first.

45. Bone Thugs-n-Harmony & The Tyranny of The 1st & 15th: Undoing the chains of the rat-race.

46. Allan Nation's 1,000 Sheep And Not Doing It Small: The framework to scalability and expansion.

47. The 5% Tweak, Nothing Janky, & When Good Enough is Perfect: The paradox of perfectionism.

48. Michael Jordan Swagger & American Idol Syndrome: The truth about humility, pride, and delusion.

49. Why Jay-Z & Warren Buffett Like Baseball: The ratcheting pattern of success.

50. Mastering The Wrong Things & Blue Eyeshadow Numb-nuts: The how and why of self-reliance.

51. Chatting With Wittgenstein's Lion: The power and effectiveness of language.

52. Pareto Efficiencies & The Business Triple Entente: Achieving the ultimate win-win with a level 3 approach to life.

53. The Second Rule Is Never Forget The First Rule: The profit motive.

54. Chess-Like Assiduity & Armchair Meditation: The real use for deep thinking.

55. The 7 Habits Of Highly Unsuccessful People & The Tardy Tree Sloth: How to invert your way into getting what you want.

56. Floating Across The Pacific On A Raft And Why Sitting Bull Liked To Be Shot At: The most important of all personality traits.

57. Unstumpability & Sherlock Holmes Sleuthing: Uncovering all the knowledge at your fingertips.

58. Death By Faint Praise and Charlie Munger's Grandfather: What you never want to hear someone say about you.

59. The Diligent Celebrity & Meeting The King: How to get local celebrity status.

60. The Dutch Big Gulp: Readjusting the pace of success.

61. The $495,000 Honda Accord: The real value of money.

62. $20 Billion Gift From Strangers & Building Forgiveness Into The Land: Building systems that persist.

63. Alexander the Great's Aggression and The Truth About Your Age: The best way to counter any opposition.

64. Forgetting Who's In The Room: Avoiding the success faux pas.

65. The Pierian Spring & From Whence Cometh The Pride: The self-fulfilling delusion.

66. Elvis Presley & The Persistent Widow: What Jerry Weintraub knew.

67. Annihilating The Amygdala & MPFC Mastery: Moving past the primitive regions of your brain.

By learning to implement the frameworks above, you will move towards living a good life by Helping You Achieve Optimum Health, wealth, love, and happiness.

Each lesson is Packed With Extremely Powerful Frameworks and Gives You Practical Tools You Can Start Implementing It The Right Way In Your Life.

Best Parts About This Course

I first took 67 steps in my early twenties when as a beta version in 2014.

At that time, I was very confused with the career I should choose and seeking life's meaning.

I was one of the young people who felt lost, and I wanted to Seek Answers to what I am good at, what I should do with my life that not just going to Make Me Financially Free But Also Happy.

I also had questions such as how I can pick the right life partner, my strength, how I can overcome life challenges when things get hard, etc.

67 steps to becoming successful in wealth, health, love and happiness

And this was before Tai Lopez released his viral here in my garage video and before Tai Lopez was famous on the internet.

I didn't know much about Tai, but when I landed on the 67 steps sales page, despite having just had a few hundred bucks to my name, I just signed up to be in the program without second-guessing because

It almost felt like the 67 steps program is designed specifically made for me as it seemed to have answers that I have been seeking, so I had no hesitation to invest in the program.

The 67 Steps Had Answers To Many Of My Questions, and I could get Valuable Insights from the program that I feel have shaved years off my learning curve and then some.

Sixty-seven steps are not a get rich quick scheme that will get you successful and rich overnight.

But as the famous proves says, "give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime."

The 67 Steps Program will teach you to fish.

It will show you powerful frameworks to live your life. For example, my favorite framework from the 67 steps is step #1 of the 67 steps from Charlie Munger

"To get what you want, you have to deserve what you want. The world is not yet a crazy enough place to reward a whole bunch of undeserving people."

It Is Such A Simple Framework But Yet So Powerful.

This framework alone has made a massive difference in how I view and approach my life.

Like just the other day, I was doing a thinking mediation that Tai teaches in the program, or Charlier Munger calls it Assiduity – Sit In Your Ass And Think/Solve The Challenge You Are Facing In Your Life.

So during that session, I asked myself why I am not dating the type of woman that I want to date, that girl who is my ten not just in terms of looks but also personality, values, Integrity, etc.

I thought about step 1 of the 67 steps, "To get what you want, you have to deserve what you want" I quickly realize, man, I am not deserving enough right now to date my perfect ten yet.

So I asked myself How I Can Be More Deserving to start dating my perfect 10. I went through the seven steps of the scientific methods that Tai teaches in the program, which is

1. Problem/Challenge

2. Research

3. Hypothesis

4. Experiment

5. Observation

6. Conclusion

7. Communicate

And during my research phase, I re-read this fantastic book - the way to superior man by David Dada, which talks about as a man, your primary focus should be to have a purpose in your life...

..This also led me to ask myself questions like If I Had All The Money And Time In The World, what would I do, and why it is vital to living with a purpose. 

The book says - Women Should Be Your Secondary Focus As A Man And Your Purpose Must Come Before Your Relationship.

So I realized that I should not make women the main focus in my life, but I should focus on my purpose in life.

My research didn't answer my question of how I can get my perfect ten, but it opened my eyes that my main focus in life should be to find and work on my purpose.

I created a Hypothesis that I need to change the environments where I date women to find my ten so instead of dating girls from the night clubs who like to drink, party and clubbing, maybe I should choose the

an environment like self-development seminars and health conferences to date women, I look in my ideal women with high Integrity, Moral Values, consciousness about their health, etc.

When I went out clubbing very often, I saw many married women cheating on their husbands, girlfriends cheating on their boyfriend, and men did the same things.

I was shocked at how common this is, but I also realize that I am looking for my perfect 10 in the wrong environment, and the probability of finding my 10 will be low in those environments. 

Simply if I want to attract my 9 or 10 - I first got to be 9 and 10 and be more deserving like step 1 in the 67 Steps.

I like that each time I re-listen to the lessons, I Get More Deep Understanding and Meaning from the lessons.

And sometimes, I also gain new insights from the lesson that I can start immediately implementing in my life.

Tai asks you to answer the question from the topic that you can journal at the end of each lesson, and when you re-read your journal after few years, you get a sense of how much you have grown and your thinking pattern differently.

In the last few years, I have spent over $30,000 on online courses, books -and going to live seminars, and from my experience, the 67 steps program is the best self-development program that I have taken.

Things That You May Not Like In The Program

Some people may prefer to have one framework per lesson, but Tai compiles two and sometimes three different frameworks in each video lesson, which could be overwhelming.

I guess Tai wanted to include all the frameworks into 67; all the frameworks have complied into 67 because University college London research found out that it takes 66 days to form a habit.

And The Program Is Designed to ideally watch one video a day for 67 days, so you rewire your brain towards more success. Tai added 1 to 66 as good luck.

If you are more of a Visual Learner, it may be worth noting that a few of the beginning videos are just audio.

Apart from that, there are not a lot of bad things about the course. Tai Lopez originally designed this course to train his employees, but later it was made public.

67 Steps is a compilation of mindset and tools you can implement in your life to get a good life from the top thinkers and people who provided tremendous value to the world like

Picasso, Sam Walton, Michael Jordan, Warren Buffet, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi. Lao-Tzu, Peter Ducker, Alexander The Great, and many more.

It takes months and years of research, reading, and experience to compile all these powerful frameworks, helping us learn faster. 

You have the entire the best powerful frameworks from the great thinkers and achievers in your hands. I urge you to get inside the 67 steps program. It will revolutionize your life. 

Suppose you are looking for a program showing you steps by steps to show you how to make money like reputable companies like this free training video or ASM. This program may not be the right fit for you because the 67 steps program is all about the mindset and frameworks to get what you want out of life. And there are plenty of Tai Lopez programs like his Social Media Marketing Agency and How Tai Makes money online.

Review Summary

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Online Video Lessons


Free 3 Day Trial and then $49 Annually because now the program comes with 100+ hours of VIP Video Archive Vault


The 67 steps Program will lead you towards focusing on essential things in your life, the four pillars Health Wealth Love and Happiness.

While 99% of the world's people fixate on things like which coffee they should get a color car, they should buy or go on holiday to Bahamas or Malta. This program leads you towards thinking about your life majors like Are you healthy, Are you wealthy? Do you have love in your life, and Are you happy?

Tai Lopez has a new offer Where You Can Get Access to this program for Free for three days Trail, and if you like the program, then it is $47.

For The Comments: What are your thoughts on The 67 steps? Have you been able to benefit from it, or has it felt like you wasted money by investing in this course? I’d love to hear your tips and thoughts in the comments below!

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